NadineMy name is Nadine – nice to meet you. I am a local and international traveler, tea connoisseur, Human Resources professional and, above-all, I enjoy exploring the places and events in and around the beautiful province of Ontario, Canada – where I live.

Being Italian and because I lived in Niagara for a number of year, many of the pieces you will find on the website are of that area. Niagara, after-all, is a world renowned wine region, bursting with culture, art, theatre, sports, camping, hiking, restaurants and other unique, life-enhancing experiences and it is such a breath of fresh air after a long day at work (yes, I work full time outside of local-lux.com) to take part.

My inspiration for Local Lux came on my 29th birthday when a close girlfriend asked why I was not sharing all of my local travel experiences with the world. When I could not find an answer for her, local-lux.com was born.

Many of the luxuries you will read about on the site are planned, but it is worth mentioning that there’s nothing I love more than being out for a drive and stumbling across a festival, market or other local hidden gems – it was during one such drive that I stumbled across the Balls Falls Thanksgiving Festival in 2009.

From music festivals, to artisan shows, from home-grown restaurants to legendary wineries … living a life of luxury is closer to home than most of us realize.

~ Nadine


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  1. Great blog! Keep on the good work.. Ahmed (a human resources professional too 🙂 )

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