I Found My Marbles at Marbles [Waterloo, ON]

Marbles - Casual Fine DiningDo not ask me how it is that I lived in Waterloo Region for more than 6 years without visiting Marbles until now. A downtown Waterloo staple since 1977, this former livery stable has a charming and historical exterior. I was really pleased to see that the charming exterior carries on inside. With a marble-filled bar, stained-glass wall, funky lighting, interior brick, booths, tables and with walls showcasing local artists, Marbles delivers perfectly on their promise of casual fine dining. There were couples enjoying a night out, girlfriends drinking cosmos, a family enjoying burgers with their kids, old and new friends catching up … I really enjoyed the comfortable mix in this warm and cozy space.

Along with recommendations from friends and family to visit Marbles I was drawn in by the vegan, vegetarian, raw and gluten-free options that compliment the house-made lamb burger (which is a local favourite). The night I visited was pretty cold so I was after some warm and gooey dishes to warm me up from the inside out. Here’s what we ordered:

Soup of the Day

A delicious house-made vegetable soup

Chevrai Salad

Warm pecan crusted smoked chevrai goat’s cheese on a bed of mixed greens, roasted tomatoes, portabella mushrooms and cucumber tossed in a sesame thai vinaigrette

Black Bean Sliders

Vegetarian selection topped with a trio of guacamole, salsa and chipolte mayo.

Sesame Vegan Spaghetti

Gluten Free spaghetti and julienne vegetables, tossed in a honey, sesame, tamari, ginger sauce topped with sesame seeds.

House-Made Dessert

Vegan raspberry-mango cheesecake & seasonal apple spiced crisp with ice cream

The soup warmed me right up, was light yet hearty and seasoned to perfection. I loved the pecan crusted chevrai (I wish it was bigger or that there was more than one), the sesame vegan spaghetti was very flavourful and the apple crisp was divine.

If you haven’t been to Marbles I’d suggest you add this local favourite to your list of places to eat. The kitchen may be small but it sure is mighty – see you there!


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