Waving Goodbye to 2014

You may have noticed, or maybe you haven’t, that this is my first post since August. Life threw me a few curve balls this year and my priorities shifted from Local-Lux.com to mending my broken ankle, starting a new job and moving to a new city. As it turns out, time flies just as quickly when you’re having fun as when you aren’t; 2014 has been quite a year!

While vacationing in Prince Edward County in August I slipped on some very wet wooden patio stairs and broke my ankle. The hard-working emergency personnel at both the Trenton and Burlington hospitals took good care of me but even the best orthopedic surgeon couldn’t speed up the eight weeks I was in a cast, unable to drive and completely off my feet. I discovered a whole world I hadn’t known about – Shopper’s Home Healthcare, compression socks, bath chairs, crutches, x-rays, physio and the works. And, in the middle of that I got a call to interview for my dream job at one of Ontario’s great community colleges. And so into the interview I went chauffeured by my husband and on my crutches crossing my fingers the panel would look past the hobble. Well, I must have done something right because I received an offer soon after and started looking for a new place to live in Waterloo Region (which is very difficult when you can barely walk).

I got my cast off at the beginning of October, started my job a few days later, moved two weeks after that, started settling into my new job/ community/ LIFE and suddenly Christmas was here and gone and today is December 27th!

Somewhere in there I managed to have a few Lux adventures that I’m itching to share with you including more of my time in Prince Edward County and some of the restaurants and adventures I’ve had in my new city.

The planner in me would like to say that I know what 2015 will bring but that’s not the case this time around. I know that it will be spectacular and am excited to share my adventures with you!



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