Honouring Self and Silence: Scandinave Spa [Blue Mountains, ON]

Scandinave Blue Mountain - A March MorningLately there have been many new and exciting changes in my life and when there is a lot of change I want nothing more than a quiet place to reflect in silence. And so, I took a trip to visit The Scandinave Spa among the Blue Mountains.

It was a sunny and crisp day in March. Located just moment away from the Blue Moutain Resort, the Scandinave Spa feels miles away from the bustle of the daily grind. As I cross the wooden bridge towards the front door, I find I cannot help but notice my mind begin to quiet itself. As you get farther from the parking lot across the bridge you will start to hear soothing music and the sound of the water as it falls over the rocks into the hot pools. And, in the winter, you will be able to smell a mix of the wood-burning fires and eucalyptis from the steam silo.

At check in you will be given some towels, a key and have the option of renting a robe, flip-flops and equipping yourself with water-bottle. I usually opt for all of the above, especially the robe in the winter-time.

Towels, robe, water and flip-flops in hand I headed downstairs to the Women’s changeroom to find locker 15. Sometimes finding your locker is like finding a needle in a haystack, but it’s a small price to pay for what’s to come. Hubby and I booked a Duo Swedish Massage to start what was to become a heavenly day.

I’ve had many a massage in my day and no other massage has ever come close to the massage I received at The Scandinave. It turns out that – every one of the 53 contracted masseuses at The Scandinave are RMT’s. And, the spa itself is very in-tune with each of their needs. On average per day each RMT has their own room and doesn’t perform more than 4 – 5 massages per shift. My RMT’s name is Tracy and if I could describe her with a math equation it would be … Tracy + 60 minute massage = HEAVEN! Enough said. It is worth mentioning that many people that I’ve talked to say that it gets even better (if that’s possible) when you get your massage after spending some time in the baths first.

Speaking of the baths, after the massage I somehow floated my way back to the change-room, got into my new bathing suit (that I like very much – thank you Penningtons) and found my way under the 102° waterfall. From the bottom of the waterfall you can see one of the smaller cold pools. From the top of the waterfall you can see just about everything else – the dry sauna, steam room, the relaxation rooms, campfire areas, and other hot and cold pools. It’s quite the viewpoint actually. The suggested rotation is 15 minutes hot, 5-20 seconds cold and then 15 minutes rest. Me, sometimes I skip the cold plunge but will be the first to admit that following the cycle is the most relaxing.

We usually do a few hours of the rotation and then take a break to grab a bite to eat and a cup of tea in the Spa’s bistro. Catered by Café Charteuse (actual location in downtown Collingwood) the food is fresh, healthy, colourful and delicious.

During this visit, my favourite moments were in the relaxation room. Cooking myself feels much too hot and the cold plunge takes my breath away but the amazing subtle body-tingle during the rest period is what does me in. Some people read books, others magazines, me – I lie with my feet up near a window and stare at the trees until my eyes close and I almost drift to sleep. It’s here especially, in the silence of my own mind, that I resolve to honour myself.

If you find yourself needing some time away to relax, to digest and to calm your mind then The Scandinave may surely be your answer – it certainly is mine.


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