Spring and Sprouts [Julie’s House, ON]

Spring & Sprouts I am blessed to have friends with hearts full of sunshine in my life. Those that laugh and cry with me through good times and bad. Those that will eat house salad with me one afternoon and split 6 cupcakes with me the next. Those that make me tea when my heart needs warmth and make me a cold glass of lemonade when I’m overheating (which coming into my 3rd decade seems a little early). One of these beautiful gems is my life is my university girlfriend Julie; and, on a sunny spring day not too long ago I visited her for lunch.

Julie made me grilled cheese and I brought along grape pie for dessert. And, as we enjoyed some time together in the mid-afternoon sunshine I learned about her little garden green-house in her front window. She has herbs, grasses and even watermelons along with many other little green delights growing there.

You see, Julie loves to garden – literally and figuratively. She plants seeds and nurtures them with food and water and gets joy from watching them grow. Whether she’s spending an afternoon teaching her handsome kindergartener how to read or whether she’s tending to her sprouts, she is a gardener.

Julie is also an Arbonne Independent Consultant – District Manager. A few years back, when she was running her own daycare, she also started working for Arbonne. It was a great fit for her – engaging with others to help influence healthy choices in food, drink, skin-care and overall health. Naturally, with someone as nurturing as Jules at the helm her business was bound to grow, and grow it did. Gratefully, I’m one of her many product testers – teas, scrubs, lotions and more … lucky me. But, luckier still – spending time with Julie is one of my Local Luxuries. Being surrounded by wonderful people who help make it feel like spring everyday is something that we all need.

** Jules keeps a great blog — a window into her life in Niagara — it’s a great and inspiring read always –> http://sunviewstreet.blogspot.ca/ **


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  1. […] are two events that tell me that Spring has arrived – first, when my good friend Julie’s seeds are ready to transfer into her front garden and second, when Ontario asparagus hits our local […]

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