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Southampton LimoWhen you work full-time supporting someone who travels it is likely you have booked a car for them; I sure have and it certainly isn’t my favourite thing to do. Being the one inside the car – on the other hand – is a whole other story!

I have been thinking about experiencing Niagara wine country from the back-seat of a town car for a while now. I encounter so many people, on my travels, who hop from winery to winery in the company of a driver and decided that I wanted to be one of them. One, who doesn’t want to have the door opened for them? Not to mention, a day with Wine and Chocolate is so much better enjoyed with a driver.

And so I called Southampton Limousine Niagara.

Southampton Limousine is a Niagara-region based company committed to excellence in customer service and they book for wine tours, airport trips, weddings and any other occasion where you are looking to travel in style.

Booking the car was a breeze – date, address, time for pickup, number of people and VOILA – a confirmation was sent soon after. For the three of us going out that day, we were booked a spacious town car and, as you might have suspected, Southampton Limo has a whole fleet to choose from.

Lou and our beautiful black Lincoln Town Car pulled into the driveway at 11am sharp – perfectly on time. Dressed in a black suit, white shirt and the distinctive Southampton grey tie, Lou walked to the door, offered to help us with anything we wanted to bring with us and confirmed our itinerary for the day.

The car was spotless, spacious and the leather interior was extremely comfortable. Lou knew Niagara like the back of his hand and I found him to be very knowledgeable about the area, not to mention professional and friendly. Most importantly – and take it from me who often gets sick in the back of any car – this ride was smooth as butter.

When we arrived at the wineries Lou was out of the car in the blink of an eye and had each of our respective car doors open. He then walked us to the entrance of the winery and was there to open the door on our way in. Most staff at the wineries knew Lou and praised him for often driving their own families around Niagara for winery tours, back and forth from airports, and for family weddings.

On our way out of the winery it was merely seconds before Lou would appear in front of us with the car all warm and ready for us to hop inside. It is a mystery to me how in one smooth motion he would open the doors for each of us and scoop the bags out of our hands and place them safely in the trunk.

What I also appreciated about Lou is that he lives in Niagara and has for a long while. He understands and drinks wine and it was a pleasure chatting with him about the history of the wineries, the wines he enjoys and sharing favourite wineries and families. My brother and Lou talked sports and my Italian mom and Lou also shared a lot of laughs.

Not only was Lou a pleasure to spend the day with – he added to our winery experience!

We did end up changing the plans in the middle of the day and Lou didn’t miss a beat. He was happy to adjust and did not mind at all veering from ‘the plan’. Over the last year I have participated in quite a few different winery pass experiences and I really enjoyed letting my hair down. I did not have to pay attention to where we were headed next or how much we were consuming. It was FREEING! And, I enjoyed the looks of intrigue we received from others who wished they were the ones being driven around. I certainly felt just that little more important – which is a fun feeling.

At the end of the day Lou, after opening our doors for the umpteenth time, helped us carry all of our wine bottles and goodies from our travels into the house. We were sad to say goodbye!

The next day my mom, brother and I headed back to Niagara-on-the-Lake for day 2 of our weekend. This time we drove my car and Lou was no where in sight. Not only did we miss having a car but we missed Lou! We missed him opening the doors, walking us to the entrances, taking our bags on the way out and always making sure that we were comfortable and had everything we needed at all times.

I am sure that I will be using Southampton Limo Niagara again! Their clean cars, professional service and the fact that they are located here in Niagara make them my top choice. And, maybe if I’m lucky – Lou will be available again.

* All photographs have been supplied by Southampton Limousine Niagara



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