Lux of Love for Local Wine: The Best of 2012 [Niagara, ON]

Best Wines of 20122012 was a fabulous year; not only did I start the Local Lux website but it has taken off and become more than I could have imagined. The local luxuries I have experienced over the last 6 months have been spectacular – read the Best of Local Lux in 2012 – and I am looking forward to everything that is to come in 2013.

That said, although I have barely made a dent in all of the wines available in Niagara, I wanted to share with you some of the wines that I have enjoyed the most during my travels.

The ones marked with a star – ✪ – are my favourite favourites


The Pinot Affair - Lailey Pinot Noir

Lailey Pinot Noir


Stratus - Marble Top

Stratus Sauv Blanc


Taste The Season - The Ice House Icewine Slushie

The Ice House Vidal Slushie


Well, there you have it. My favourites from all that I tasted in 2012 within Niagara.

Now it’s your turn – for 2013 I’m very interested in knowing what your favourite Niagara (and beyond) wines are and what you’d suggest that I make a point to try. Please leave your comments or find me on Facebook or Twitter. And, if you’re feeling extra generous you can even send me a bottle!


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  1. Pat and I are both big fans of Pondview, have been two years in a row. Love love love their Cab-Merlot 2010 and I swoon for their Gewurztraminer & Gewurztraminer-Riesling. We went to Colaneri this past November and they have some unique ways of preping their grapes. Would be something different to check out.
    Enjoy 2013!

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