Silversmith’s Tide and Vine Oyster Stout: A Local Collaboration [Virgil, ON]

Silversmith and Tide & Vine - Stout and Oysters Oysters and stout have been keeping the Irish warm for years. So why not also the great people of Niagara? Well, wait no more because Silversmith Brewing and The Tide & Vine have teamed up to create the Tide & Vine Oyster Stout!

Both new businesses in 2012, they have made quite an imprint on the Niagara food and beverage scene.

Although I have seen them around the community since starting Local Lux in summer 2012, I finally met Mike and Kate of Tide & Vine at Treadwell where they were set up in the Snob Winebar. Why at Treadwell? Well, they are a mobile gastro-pleasure here in Niagara and if you are out and about you are bound to run into them soon enough.

FACT: Mike Langley, co-owner of Tide & Vine, placed 4th in the 2011 Canadian Oyster Shucking Championships in Tyne Valley, PEI!

Matthew Swan’s Silversmith Brewery, located on your way into NOTL  in an old church in Virgil, is just about ready to open their doors to the public. Making the news for Silversmith lately is their Black Lager which is being carried on tap in places across Niagara, the GTA and as far west as London. They were also part of Cask Days in October – an event that I would like to get to in 2013!

Unfortunately my ale-loving husband – Dave – was working so this Lux brought my (beer loving) friend Melanie along for the ride to the release party at Silversmith earlier in December. The brewery was a little tight for parking but I took it as a good sign. What’s a party without people – right? When we got inside Matt was already pouring drinks from the new “old”/ reclaimed wood bar and Mike was shucking away.

We took a pass around the room, especially admiring the chubbiest Christmas tree I’ve ever seen. The bar runs down the left-hand side of the “church” and the brick has all been exposed. It’s a site for sore eyes. The lighting is a hand-full of posh chandeliers and the casks all sit on the “altar”. The, blasphemous, oxy-moron of partying with oysters and beer in an old church was almost too fun to handle.

We indulged in:

The Shuckers Threesome:

one malpeque w/ citrus pickled horseradish (PEI)

one tata w/ merlot mignonette (Nova Scotia) ✪

one chef’s creek w/ dillon’s gin & cucumber (British Columbia)

The Smoked Salmon, Chilled Mussel and Shrimp Board:

48 hour apple smoked salmon ✪

chilled dill and garlic PEI blue mussels ✪

wild gulf shrimp

Tide & Vine were also serving up Atlantic Scallops, Blackened Haddock and Atlantic Lobster.

But what would all this great food be without a pint of the reason we were there – the Oyster Stout. I am not a fan of dark beer but this one is an exception. It has hints of caramel and a smokiness that I really enjoyed; it isn’t very “hoppy” and is quite smooth. I liked it so much that I drank the whole pint – which made my husband envious because he can rarely get me to drink a midi of a beer that I like!

Dave certainly missed a great night. The release of the Tide & Vine Oyster Stout by Silversmith was a great success. I wish that there were more parties like this one. Yes, the food, drinks, music, and people were all fantastic but mostly, I appreciated the celebration of the collaboration between these two fine local businesses.

Since publishing this article – Silversmith Brewery has posted it onto their website – see their link HERE.


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