Pure Bliss at The Spa Boutique [Grimsby, ON]

Is there anything more relaxing than being snuggled on a couch beside the glow of a fire, in a velvety robe with fuzzy slippers, a blanket, and a hot cup of peppermint tea? What if you were about partake in a deliciously aromatic body glow and facial? I do not know about you – but to me, this is not just relaxing, it is pure bliss. And this blissful space – The Spa Boutique – I found in one of the most unsuspecting of places …

I drive the QEW everyday to and from work. During my drive, seeing the Casablanca Winery Inn in Grimsby lets me know I am half way home and can call the house without being charged long distance. Other than that, I have always considered the exterior to be in need of an update. But, when I learned that a spa had recently opened inside, I had to give it a try.

The lobby is quaint and impressive with a large wooden staircase to greet you when you enter. The foyer is warmly decorated with a lot of character and I received a polite and cheery welcome at the reception desk (which I cannot say happens too often anymore). At first, taking the elevator to the lower level with the housekeeping lady felt a little odd. But, it was all forgotten once l walked through the hallway door into pure bliss. There, tucked in the lower level of the Casablanca Winery Inn is The Spa Boutique .

Nothing less than warm, relaxing and inviting, The Spa Boutique is one of Niagara’s hidden gems!

The spa reception is spacious and comfortable with couches and candles to keep you company. Chances are you will be greeted – as I was – by Spa Director, Laura Montgomery – who will help you settle in and offer you something to drink.

After some quick paperwork, we … *pause* – now would be the perfect opportunity to mention that I was in the company of one of my close friends – Julie Karanfilis – mom and Arbonne District Manager extraordinaire. Ok, where was I …

After some quick paperwork, we were whisked away to the tastefully decorated change room to make cozy in robes and slippers provided by the spa. Separate from the washrooms, I was very impressed they have a shower in the change room to accommodate people on any schedule.

Once nested in our cozies we were encouraged to rest, relax and chat with our tea in a divine space with more couches, blankets and a fireplace (candles too!). Our treatments had not even started and already l felt like a queen. After just the right amount of time at our leisure we were introduced to Julie and Laurie – our “spa fairies” as Julie called them.

The couple’s treatment room is glorious! It is warmly painted, dimly lit, has a large soaker tub and is 100% calming. The quiet piano piping through the spa tickled me pink. Having played the piano since I was four years old, it is my absolute favourite instrument.

Until The Spa Boutique I had never experienced a body glow and now it seems a shame I waited this long. I have quite a few to catch up on, as do you I suspect.

The body glow started with the freshest and most delicious pink grapefruit body scrub. It feels like coarse sand and smells the way I suspect heaven might. After using the scrub, it is delicately removed using hot towels. The combination of the cooling scrub and the heated towels leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean and fantastic. Finally, after the scrub and towels, a massage with a passion-fruit moisturizer. Laurie started on my back, moved to my legs and then arms. By the end of it l glowed like a ray of sunshine and smelled like a summers day – very whimsical I know.

And then, feeling wonderful already, Laurie started on my facial. It was about here that my body, mind and spirit settled into the much needed quiet and tranquility we hope to experience at the spa. The music and the candles took over as my spa fairy’s fingers danced over my face.

Something I learned during my time at The Spa Boutique is that they use a 100% organic line for all treatments called Eminence. The company has been leading the way in organic skin care since the late 1950’s and you will not find any parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate or other harsh chemicals. The line is handmade in Hungary and is committed to being cruelty-free and green (they use sustainable farming in the production of their products). But do not take my word for it – these great products speak for themselves. They are like nothing I have ever felt during a spa experience.

What was only an hour by felt like a full morning and I was sad to have it end, although we were encouraged to relax by the fire if we so desired before we left. The Spa Boutique truly is a hidden gem in Niagara – but not for long. As more and more people discover this treasure their appointment books are filling quicker and quicker. If you’re looking for some relaxation before the holidays or know you need a mani/ pedi before that Christmas party, I would encourage you to head to The Spa Boutique. I would have never guessed that when I headed down that elevator I would turn the corner into bliss – you will be surprised to!

To experience The Spa Boutique for yourself you can call 905-945-9628, or book your appointment online at www.casablancaspaboutique.com .

Or you can visit them on December 6th from 5pm – 10pm for the Casablanca’s Christmas Shopping Night. Admission is free to this marketplace of local vendors and 100% of the event donations will be donated to the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation. See you there!



  1. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. One of the hidden gems in Niagara!

  2. […] can pick up these candles by contacting Cyndi through her website or I know that they are sold at The Spa Boutique in Grimsby as well (I saw them when I was there earlier this […]

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