Let It All Hang Out: The Everything to do with Sex Show [Toronto, ON]


WOW! This Lux is proud to have lost her Everything to do with Sex Show virginity! The show was fun, raw, sexy, artistic, erotic and full of great people with great stories; it was a pleasure to rub shoulders with all of them.

For those of you who think that Sex Shows are big orgies of creepy people – you have something to learn. I have to admit, I didn’t know what to expect. Was it going to be a bunch of half-naked people prancing around getting their pictures taken with porn stars? Was it going to be sex toy after sex toy after sex toy on every shelf? How many “hoo-haws” and other “bits and pieces” was I going to see? Was I going to have to show mine? … Ok, so maybe I wasn’t worried about showing mine, but you get the picture.

Well – at first glance the show seemed like any other. Inside the Metro Toronto Convention Centre hall the lights were dimmed, the music was energetic and there were thousands of other people who had come out. The space was setup like a regular trade-show – exhibitors, a main stage, a seminar area, food, drinks … everything you’d expect. But it was in the details that this show came to life.


My first stop was Erotic Art where up-and-coming artists were showing off their talents. My three favourites were:

  • Valeria Nova: Her smooth brushstrokes sucked me right in on day one. She is an absolutely pleasure to talk to and I was intrigued to hear a little about who she is. As her twitter profile outlines, she’s a “kick-ass makeup artist by day and a painter of sexy paintings by night”. Couldn’t have said it better myself.
  • Jessica Gorlicky: The first thing that drew me to Jessica’s artwork was the HUGE “JessGO” neon sign; I could not resist taking a picture. Also a pleasure to chat with, Jessica blew me away with her brilliant use of colour, impressive imagination, love for big canvases and, of course, her “live man art” — especially when he winked at me – yes please!
  • Trish IslandBesos and Magic Finnga Wong: Setup with a graffiti wall and a body-painting booth it was fun watching some of the brave souls strip off some layers of clothing and replace it with with colour and design straight from a paintbrush.

Please take a moment to check out each of their websites! It was a great way to start off the show – talk about stereotypes being broken – one thing I did not expect to find at this show was such immense talent. Shame on me!


I cannot say that I know very much about the who’s-who of the sex-star world … but the prep for this show over the last few weeks has changed that.  I’ve rubbed twitter shoulders with the likes of Amy Anderssen, Tera Patrick, Taylor Stevens, Mandy Monroe and Alyshia Ashlee and it was great to see each of them in person. Of each of these gorgeous ladies it was especially nice to meet and chat with Taylor. Just 24 years old Taylor has risen above the odds from being under-liked and over-weight and has built herself a career in adult entertainment.


There was quite a selection of exhibitors at the show. My favourite of them all is a young baker – the Artsy Baker – to be exact. Among other things she makes cookies, cupcakes and cakes that are specially designed for some fun. My favourite was the “bum” cake and the nipple cookies. She also makes some pretty wicked fondant cake toppers. I’m looking forward to a good friend of mine getting married because I will certainly be putting in an order for her bachelorette party!

Another exhibitor that I enjoyed was Love, Poetry, Corsets. They had multiple trunks full of beautiful corsets of all different colours and styles of fabrics and leather. I certainly have my eye on finding one that I like and I love that owner, designer and creator Dawn Rawson makes each of these with love by hand. She certainly is an exemplary artisan.


Naturally, it would not be a sex show without some fun toys. Cupid Boutiqe, The Love Shop and Lovedreamer.com all had quite the expansive space with lots of tricks and tickles and toys and other naughty items. Some were super funny – like boobie ear muffs – and others were a little out there like — well … use your imagination on that one. The most promoted line at the show, hands down, was We-Vibe. The Touch, WeVibe III and the new Thrill (solo for women) were the toys that intrigued me most.


The main stage of the show was busy all weekend – I have to say that I was a little disappointed by Canadian Men International. I was so looking forward to seeing some good looking men strut their stuff but it was super cheesy and they were all, well, middle-aged! Let me say that although us young ones in the crowd were a little let-down, the cougars were loving life! Good thing I really liked the Polymorphe latex show; it’s incredible how thin yet curvey women look in latex — very sexy. I also enjoyed David Curran the hypnotist and the times that random people were called onto stage to play impromptu games – I would explain but you had to be there.

That said, my absolute favourite show on the main stage was Burlesque goddess Roxi D’Lite and the charming Pastel Supernova. Roxi, from Windsor Ontario, won the Queen of Burlesque title in Los Angeles and I consider myself more than lucky to have seen her perform. I could have watched for hours; not just because she’s beautiful but because she has such a way on the stage. She’s great at teasing and playing with the audience. And, it’s worth mentioning that she makes all of her own costumes and, as if that wasn’t enough, also does her own photo-shoots. She is a very talented woman!

When she came out I thought she looked like Cinderella – by the end of it she looked more like … well … not Cinderella. Or, I guess she looked like what Cinderella might look like wearing nipple tassles and a g-string.


Throughout the weekend there were many seminars about Relationships, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, G-spots and other fun topics. I went to the Oral Sex seminar by Dr. Jess O’Reilly and had a blast! Dr. Jess’s advice is practical, fun, sincere and down-to-earth. This power-house woman just wrote and is releasing her next book about Hot Sex Tips & Tricks and Licks and, if it’s anything like her 45 minute seminar, it will be a great read. If you don’t know it already … you should look up the move called The Goddess — very fun!

Dr. Jess featured Local Lux on her blog – check it out HERE!


It took a few passes through the dungeon before I would even approach one of the “toy tables”. That might have had something to do with the people tied up and hooked and twisted to a variety of contraptions while someone else either whipped or tickled or [insert awkward action here] -ed them. I did, eventually, talk to one of the BDSM ladies who said that it wasn’t too long ago that she was on my side of the table too and not so sure about roping and other dungeon feats. I was, however, interested to hear that there is actually quite a large BDSM following in the Toronto area called Toronto TNG and they meet on a monthly basis — regularly clothed — to network, communicate and educate.


At the end of the day I found the Everything to do with Sex Show a fantastic experience. I met some great artists, made some new friends and have a few other tools in my tickle trunk that weren’t there before the weekend began. I hear there is one that happens in Niagara each year — bring it on and see you all there!

Like the Gourmet Food & Wine and the National Women’s Show – the ETDWSS happened at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. For those of us living in Niagara, my favourite way to get to Toronto and back is to drive to the Burlington GO station and then pay the $17 round trip to Union. Once in Toronto, the Convention Center is a 5 minute indoor walk – it couldn’t be easier! (And, if you want to make a weekend out of it, the parking at the Burlington GO station is FREE!!)

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