Decew Falls and The Morningstar Mill [St. Catharines, ON]

In this piece, there is not as much to read about Decew Falls and The Morningstar Mill as there is to see. Just a few minutes from Brock University, this majestic waterfall and historic gristmill are one of my top choices for an autumn walk here in Niagara.

The Bruce Trail starts steps from the falls and wraps its way along the forested escarpment. My husband and I love bringing our binoculars and cameras along with us and usually pack a snack or two. The loop, should you walk it at a brisk pace and not stop to smell the roses, does not take you a very long time. But, if you have your binoculars and camera in hand like Dave and I usually do the it will take you a little longer.

Although I have not toured the mills, living museum, blacksmith’s shop or interpretive park, I do know that the buildings are open through the spring and summer to visitors for a donation to the “Friends of Morningstar Mill”. As for whether it is worth visiting, I will let these pictures help you decide for yourself.

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  1. vineyard The region is home to a number of these upstate New York. Follow 195 east to exit 10 and Rte.

  2. Tourism Oxford · · Reply

    These photos are really nice.

    1. Thanks for the compliment! And, thanks for the tip to tag my posts with “photography” – it is now my most popular tag!

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