Curious Muriel interviews Local Lux on Blog Talk Radio [The “Air” Waves]

Who knew that being interviewed on Blog Talk Radio would be so much fun? Well, I did! But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t shaking in my booties as I called in. But, after all is said and done, I can’t imagine how anyone would have anything but fun while being interviewed by Rashmi Biswas and Wendy Bodner Matthews – the hosts of Curious Muriel.

Curious Muriel is an online blog talk radio show dedicated to, and curious about, health and happiness.

Airing live every Thursday, and hosted by these two Canadian women entrepreneurs, it was my pleasure to chat with them about my new venture – You can click on the image below to launch the site and listen to my 15 minutes of fame:

So, for a little fun, to turn the tables on these ladies that are used to interviewing others, I sent them the same questions they asked me. Here’s a little something about these Curious Muriels you may not have known:

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?
A: Our inspiration comes from our own curiosities.  From people we meet, world events anything that peeks our interests and each other (just from talking and wherever that leads us).
Q: What kind of feedback have you received from your listeners?
A: Positive and constructive.  We love to hear from our audience as well as our guests.
Q: How do you feel Curious Muriel contributes to the health & happiness of your listeners?
A: By sharing ideas and opening up possibilities.  Introducing people to new ideas and experiences.
Q: Please share your favourite Local Luxuries with my readers.
A: The Hillebrand Restaurant, Shaw Festival, Mahtay Café, the Niagara Yoga scene, Happy Being Me store, Library’s, and the whole green, health and happiness movement that is starting.  Best of all we have all the beautiful wineries and festivals in our area.
In case you’d like to know more about Wendy and Rashmi, here’s an excerpt from the Curious Muriel website about these two extraordinary women:
  • Wendy Bodner Matthews is the owner of Happy Being Me a company dedicated to happiness selling printed fun eco Ts and accessories. Happy Being Me was founded by Wendy in 2008 and operates in St.Catharines, Ontario. In addition to Happy Being Me, Wendy is in high demand as an engaging event and keynote speaker through her own agency Wendy Speaks Up. Wendy is a volunteer speaker for the United Way, Canadian Mental Health Association, and Pathways. Wendy recently launched a third business, Button Me Happy where she provides businesses with their own happy buttons. Wendy was nominated for a Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2011 and a Women of Distinction Award 2010 & 2011.
  • Rashmi Biswas is co-owner of Lake and Associates Canada Inc. an Ontario based Management Consulting firm specializing in three key areas of business success: The Leader; The Team and The Numbers. Rashmi holds an MSc in Human Resource Management, a BSc (HONS), a Postgraduate Certificate in Adult Education, Facilitation & Training, and she is a certified Myers-Briggs© Practitioner. Rashmi is the author of “Rash Decisions, Accept where you are, and then…Be Amazing” published in January 2012 by Balboa Press.

You can listen to Curious Muriel every Thursday morning at 9am or, if you are not available on Thursday mornings, you can always listen at your own leisure anytime. You can also find and like them on Facebook through Local-Lux’s likes. Thanks to Curious Muriel for the fun we had on air – if you haven’t already, be sure to take a listen using the picture above!


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