Serenity at the Scandinave Spa [Blue Mountain, ON]

The Scandinave Spa in Blue Moutain, ON is one of the most relaxing places I have ever had the pleasure to visit. I started frequenting the spa a few years ago when it first opened just down the road from my family’s chalet, and have been a regular visitor ever since. Spring, summer, winter or fall – there is no wrong time to grace the doors of this world-renowned spa getaway. Now – I know that this glorious spa is not in Niagara – but even people in Niagara travel elsewhere in Ontario every now-and-again!

Named a “Top 50 Spa” by for 3 years in a row, as well as winning the SpaFinder’s Readers Choice “Best for Affordability in 2011” award, Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain offers the renowned Scandinavian Baths experience. Situated in a natural forest, minutes from downtown Collingwood & Blue Mountain Resort, open all year from 10am-9pm, enjoy the serenity of the environment. The Baths include a Finnish Sauna, Eucalyptus Steam Room, Thermal & Nordic Waterfalls, Hot Baths, Cold Plunges & relaxation areas. Also available are Registered Massage treatments, relaxing getaway packages & an on-site bistro serving healthy local fare. ~ Excerpt from

Some of my life’s most memorable moments were spent here – my bachelorette weekend with my ladies, my honeymoon with my man, a birthday with my mom, and most recently, an end-of-vacation relaxation afternoon. I have indulged in the heat and in the snow with services including a single massage, couple’s massage, each pool and waterfall (hot and cold) as well as the sauna’s and relaxation rooms. Oh, and let’s not forget the fantastic hammocks and the delicious bistro! This place never fails to please and I am constantly reminded of my stay by the Scandinave Spa water-bottles that grace my cupboard – it is important to stay hydrated. What I have yet to add to my collection of experience is their Ella line of sensuous body products – their lotion smells fabulous!

There are 3 hot pools – kept at 104°F, 103°F and 102°F each. Then, there are 3 cold pools kept at 65°F, 64°F and 62°F – they are COLD but feel fantastic after you have just spent time in such heat. The recommended cycle is to start in one of the hot pools for 10-15 minutes, then to dunk yourself into the cold pool for 10-15 minutes (don’t worry, you cannot feel your body after about 5 minutes!) and then rest for another 10-15 minutes on either the Muskoka chairs, in a hammock, around a fire or in one of their relaxation rooms. It is incredible how rejuvenated you feel after just one cycle. I end up doing about 4 or 5 cycles before I need to break it up with a quick snack or massage, and then I start all over again.

The spa embraces the ancient Finnish tradition of hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy recognizes the impact that hot and cold water has on relaxation and rejuvenation. Hot water dilates your blood vessels causing your blood to flow more freely to your muscles. This is said to help remove toxins from your body. In contrast, immersing yourself in cold water constricts your vessels causing blood to flow away from internal organs. It is said that alternating between these two extremes, with resting in-between, relaxes the body and also helps with inflammation.

That said, regardless of the science, it feels fantastic. My favourite combination of services is to start with a massage, then hit the baths, take a break for some yummy nosh and then hit the baths again. My favourite time of the year to go in September when the leaves are just starting to turn – the baths are warm (the cold ones do no’t feel so cold), the fires outside smell fabulous and the scenery is spectacular.

For those of you not from Ontario, the good news is that there are three (3) more locations in Canada – in Whistler, Montreal and Mont-Tremblant. Learn everything you want and more by visiting the Scandinave Spa website.

Most photos downloaded from Google Plus profile of Scandinave Spa – Blue Mountain – some supplied by Scandinave Spa (noted in description).


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