In Fine Feather: Local Artist Jody Edwards [Jordan, ON]

Local artist Jody Edwards was looking in fine feather at the Art in the Village event last weekend. Hosted on the Jordan Historical Museum grounds in Jordan Station, this Art in the Village event was the 2nd Niagara Nights of Art event of 12 happening between April and November as part of Niagara Region being named the Cultural Capital of Canada for 2012.

It was the perfect day for an art show – the sun was shining and the main street in Jordan Station was closed to accommodate us patrons. As I was walking around the museum grounds I was awed by the local talent in the Jordan area – so diverse and unique and fresh. The old school-house had been transformed into a studio for “visual machinst” Adam CK Vollick – it was great to walk around in such a historical place filled with his modern art. Then, on the front lawn of the Fry house were the spectacular pine-cone metal works of Floyd Elzinga.

All artisans were showcasing their best work, but it was the feathery water-colour creations by Jody Edwards that caught my eye and lured me in. The colours and the intricacy … my eyes fell in love immediately. Not to mention, Jody herself is approachable and knowledgeable and has recently been in the Niagara spotlight with articles in the Welland Tribune and Niagara This Week.

When I asked Jody what spurred her feathery creations she explained that she was up late one night with her son when he was just a baby and was looking for a way to re-energize herself. Painting being her passion she decided to paint something quickly and, among other things, grabbed a feather — the rest is history.

Jody’s art is now in multiple private art collections around the world and was recently acquired by the TV show CSI for Ted Danson’s character’s office. She has also painted pieces for Mila Kunis and Jordan Sparks and is currently working on a piece for actress Amy Poehler. I also read in the paper that Jody has been asked to paint 85 feathers for the nominees of the Country Music Awards in Tennesse!

As part of her display, Jody had a collection of feathers. She mentioned that she goes feather hunting with her two little ones and often asks her friends and family to collect feathers from their bird-feeders. I asked her what her first feather was and she showed me a pristine Grouse feather — since that first feather her collection has grown to include feathers from blue jays, red-tailed hawks, cardinals, woodpeckers, crows, mallard ducks and my favourite – the Cooper’s Hawk. She was, however, showcasing a feather that she didn’t know the ‘owner’ of and was appealing the general public that, if anyone knew what bird it belonged to, to let her know. I’ve take a picture of that particular feather so please take a peek at the pictures below and let Jody know if you can identify the feather.

To acquire a painting of your own (and I suggest you do – who knows the $millions it may one day be worth) you can visit Jody’s Website or you can contact her at Me, I left the event excited as Jody is currently working on a piece for my living room – a Cooper’s Hawk feather of course – it’s going to look fantastic!

Loving my custom-painted Cooper’s Hawk Feather – it looks great in my living room. Thank you Jody!



  1. Nadine! Thanks so much for the feature! It was great meeting you in Jordan – – what an awesome venue for Art! I will be in Niagara-on-the-Lake this weekend…and then, a little break between shows *takes a breather*. So busy! 🙂 Cheers!

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