Fireworks Over Niagara Falls [Niagara Falls, ON]

Every Friday and Sunday night through the summer, tens of thousands of tourists and locals turn their heads to the sky for a spectacular fireworks display over Niagara Falls.

In this city that never sleeps I find it impossible to be bored. There’s always so much to look at – no matter how many times I visit I always end up noticing something that I have not before. Whether a wax museum, Ripley’s Believe-it-or-Not, The House of Frankenstein, the Fallsview Casino, Skylon Tower, water-park or Planet Hollywood – there is something for everyone. Although, I do find it a good idea to wear pants with deep pockets if you’re looking to indulge in all of the above.

For me, I especially enjoy the lights. It’s what I imagine a mini-Las Vegas would look like. Vibrant colours, sparkling lights, dynamic billboards, live music, even an erupting volcano — the power, the passion, the energy… it’s the perfect night on the town.

The fireworks start at 10pm so I suggest heading down to claim a seat by the gorge around dusk. Before each firework display there is always a free concert hosted by Coca-Cola. Yesterday it was Niagara’s favourites – Sandy Vine and the Midnights – I’d comment on how they sounded but I was too busy ordering  my grande decaf soy vanilla latte to get down there in time (this girl was craving a Starbucks).

The fireworks went off without a hitch – beautiful as always, from my vantage point, over the sky of the Seneca Casino. After the show ended and most of the glow-stick covered crowd had dispersed, I was hesitant to leave – Niagara Falls was not finished with me yet. I walked the streets taking in the sights and sounds on a Sunday evening – surprised at the number of people who were still out as if it were 5pm in the afternoon. I settled on stopping for some food at a local patio with some live music — I enjoyed my BBQ chicken flat-bread to The Hip’s Wheat Kings and washed it down with some Rickards Blonde.

Finally – and usually my favourite part of Niagara Falls at night – the ferris wheel. Stunningly bright against the night sky I cannot help but linger and admire it – one day I will take a trip the to top. For now, there’s plenty to admire from the ground.


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