I think I remember the first time I saw a glass artist blowing glass; it was around 2003 and I was a student at the University of Waterloo spending a fine afternoon in the beautiful and quaint village of St. Jacobs. I’m unsure if it is there anymore but there was an artist with a […]

I’ve had the great pleasure of participating in a number of winery passport events; they are delectable and a joy to experience with friends and this Taste the Season was no exception. Yet, let me tell you, among all that fun is also a lot of work when you have the added responsibility of covering […]

While visiting the beautiful city of Vancouver I found myself captivated by the Pacific Ocean. The way the rays of sunshine jumped from wave to wave entrances me the same way looking into the center of a campfire does – fully and completely sucking me into what feels like a meditative state. I find it […]

Do not ask me how it is that I lived in Waterloo Region for more than 6 years without visiting Marbles until now. A downtown Waterloo staple since 1977, this former livery stable has a charming and historical exterior. I was really pleased to see that the charming exterior carries on inside. With a marble-filled […]

I’m Italian and have spent the better part of the last 30 years of my life feasting. I never turn down the opportunity or invitation to feast. So when the opportunity came to attend the Ontario Organic Feast of Fields for the 3rd year in a row my course was set. Armed with a crutch […]

You may have noticed, or maybe you haven’t, that this is my first post since August. Life threw me a few curve balls this year and my priorities shifted from Local-Lux.com to mending my broken ankle, starting a new job and moving to a new city. As it turns out, time flies just as quickly […]

** Posted at the request of the organizers of the 25th Anniversary of the Feast of Fields – actual Local Lux coverage to come ** “The Grande Dame” of organic food festivals, Feast of Fields celebrates its 25th anniversary Sunday September 7th at the TRCA’s Cold Creek Conservation Area in King Township. With a star […]