Vancouver Aquarium - Jellyfish

While visiting the beautiful city of Vancouver I found myself captivated by the Pacific Ocean. The way the rays of sunshine jumped from wave to wave entrances me the same way looking into the center of a campfire does – fully and completely sucking me into what feels like a meditative state. I find it […]

Marbles  - marbles

Do not ask me how it is that I lived in Waterloo Region for more than 6 years without visiting Marbles until now. A downtown Waterloo staple since 1977, this former livery stable has a charming and historical exterior. I was really pleased to see that the charming exterior carries on inside. With a marble-filled […]

Organic Feast of Fields 2014 - Drake Hotel Peaches

I’m Italian and have spent the better part of the last 30 years of my life feasting. I never turn down the opportunity or invitation to feast. So when the opportunity came to attend the Ontario Organic Feast of Fields for the 3rd year in a row my course was set. Armed with a crutch […]


You may have noticed, or maybe you haven’t, that this is my first post since August. Life threw me a few curve balls this year and my priorities shifted from to mending my broken ankle, starting a new job and moving to a new city. As it turns out, time flies just as quickly […]

24th Annual Feast of Fields - Mono Cliffs

** Posted at the request of the organizers of the 25th Anniversary of the Feast of Fields – actual Local Lux coverage to come ** “The Grande Dame” of organic food festivals, Feast of Fields celebrates its 25th anniversary Sunday September 7th at the TRCA’s Cold Creek Conservation Area in King Township. With a star […]

66 Gilead Distillery - Wild Oak Whiskey

In early 2014 my husband introduced me to Scotch and we have quickly become friends. Recently, my new friend – Mr. Scotch – told me that he has other friends like him that I should get to know; I told him I’d be pleased to hang out with his whole gang, and so I did. […]

Sip and Sizzle

It’s beyond me why mother earth kept summer from us for so long this year. Thankfully, May brought with it buds on the vines and hope of the warmer weather that was to come. And, I had the pleasure of enjoying the sunshine with a glass of wine in one hand and some nosh in […]


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